Links provided with their names.



  • ISMSS (Institute For Sexual Minority Studies and Services) – hired by Alberta Education to complete research, develop the Alberta GSA Network, worked closely with government to bring GSAs into Alberta Schools and help with curriculum. Has received over $80,000 in tax payer money/government grants.


  • Andre Grace – U of A Professor, Faculty Director of ISMSS. Director of Camp fYrefly.



  • The CHEW (Comprehensive Health Education Workers) Project – Run by Andre Grace, Corey Wyness and Michael Levesque. Other “educators” involved. Website has been dismantled due to the police investigation, but FB page still works. Distributor of the “Zebra A-Z cards” (viewer discretion advised), ironically taken from a Hepatitis/HIV awareness website, yet the instruction on these cards if followed by “young” (as it is recommended for) bi-sexual and gay men actually can cause Hepatitis and HIV.


  • Camp fYrefly – ages 14-24 youth camp for LGBTQ youth and allies. Developed and run, until recently, by Andre Grace and Kristopher Wells. Others now ostensibly run the camp in their stead. They continue promoting a “Camp fYrefly In Schools” program and continue to lecture at public schools where parental attendance is discouraged.


  • Alberta GSA Network – A network of GSAs (Gay Straight Alliances) in Alberta, promoted by Alberta Education.



  • The Travelling Tickle Trunk – Sex Shop. Brought in by Camp Fyrefly to educate children about sex toys and distribute binder/packer underwear for transgender children. Has a specific “for youth” section of their site under “other resources”. If you visit the website, viewer discretion advised.


  • Fruit Loop – Group on Facebook that promotes sexual resources, including pornography and explicit sexual instruction. Was listed as a “community resource” on the Alberta GSA Network. Easily clickable title children are familiar with (Fruit Loop cereal).


  • MacEwan Sexual Health Club – Grant MacEwan students sharing sexual health information, again, was listed as a “community resource” on the Alberta GSA Network.



  • InQueeries – Another “community resource” that was on the Alberta GSA Network”. Volunteers are used from this group to be youth mentors/facilitators for Camp Fyrefly.



  • Calgary Sexual Health – The Sexual Health Centre has partnered with ISMSS and invited to GSAs and Camp Fyrefly as workshops. Distributes their material through Fyrefly in Schools as well.


  • Below The Belt – An organization for men in the sex trade. Run by Corey Wyness of The CHEW Project. Corey teaches/counsels sexual how- to’s to youth – with a high focus on bi-sexual and gay youth, through The CHEW Project, while simultaneously working with men in the sex trade industry.


What organizations are pushing back and on what basis?

Read the articles, columns and papers on these websites to learn more to receive a better understanding of the concerns surrounding these issues and how it affects children and their families. Each site gives some constructive ways you can respond.



  • Informed Albertans – an excellent blog explaining all of these issues in more detail. Written by Theresa Ng.