The CHEW Project

A satellite sexual health project by the Institute for Sexual Minority Studies & Services (ISMSS).

Their previous website was removed after the discovery of the sexual resources. Screen shots are from before they removed their website, Their Facebook page is still up.

The focus is more on “fun” and pleasure than sexual health facts. These comprehensive programs fail to make the grade as they omit vital information. See our “about” page to watch two videos and learn more on what Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) promotes…and fails to teach.

NOTE: The Zebra A-Z cards shared on CHEW’s resource page direct children to sexual suggestions which are medically unsafe and promote high risk sexual behaviour resulting in diseases such as Hepatitis and HIV. Because of their graphic nature, we will not show them on this website, but if you have a strong stomach, feel free to view them HERE.

Andre Grace values CATIE (the source of the Zebra cards).

Read Informed Albertan’s article on the Zebra Cards  

and “How Does Promoting Porn to Kids Save Lives?”

Given the resources CHEW values, the individual sexual health counselling offered to youth is concerning and dangerous. And no parental consent required.


The CHEW Project is listed in as a resource in the ATA’s PRISM Toolkit (2nd Edition), recommended for grades 7-12. The original PRISM Toolkit for Elementary Schools doesn’t include CHEW directly, but does through ISMSS.


These next two images: The CHEW Project’s is eerily similar to International Planned Parenthood Federation’s (IPPF) dangerously unhealthy “Healthy Happy and Hot – A guide to their rights, sexuality and living with HIV”. Read excerpts of it HERE.

“Healthy, Happy and Hot was written for HIV-positive youth. To tell these youth that they are not obligated to disclose their status to their sexual partners is clearly an indicator that IPPF is not in the business of ensuring the sexual health of the world’s youth. Anything the government of Alberta adopts, endorses, or promotes from these highly unsafe programs, similarly, should NOT be anywhere near Alberta children!




The CHEW Project’s:


Though the previous CHEW Project website has been removed, ISMSS still promotes the CHEW Project program on their page.

As parents, it would be wise to keep an eye on what is being developed there as they are undergoing changes and how it influences Alberta Education as they re-write the curriculum, specifically the sexual health curriculum.