Students Told to Lie To Parents

My 14 year old son’s 8th grade health class was being taught by a local health nurse about human sexuality. She brought lots of things with her to peak the kid’s interest. She brought a wooden penis and showed the kids how to put a condom on “Woody”. She brought lots of condoms and gave them out. Some were regular ones and some were flavoured, such as “Ice Cream”, which were packaged in cute wrappers. The flavoured ones were for oral sex she told them. She told them that it was their right to go ahead and have sex and that no one could tell them they couldn’t. She also encouraged them to come to the health unit and get as many condoms as they wanted and not to tell their parents, after all the health unit is right by the mall.

My husband and I teach our children that sexual relationships are sacred. Not strange or scary — SACRED. Sex is to be shared with the right person, at the right time, in the right place and it’s wonderful. We teach our kids to protect themselves and to respect others. This is not backwards. This is smart and responsible parenting.

But a nurse visited my son’s school and was doling out ice cream flavoured condoms and encouraging each child to LIE TO THEIR PARENTS and come get as many as they want later. Why would I want my son picking up handfuls of condoms easier than collecting Halloween Candy? And using up girls just as fast?!

What does this nurse know about my child or the classroom full of other parent’s children? NOTHING. What do I have invested in my son’s life? EVERYTHING.

Each student in that class comes from a different family with a unique culture inherent to them. Each parent sends their child to school, trusting that what is taught there is safe and supports and respects the family unit their child comes from. I’m pretty sure most of us parents are happy for the teachers to teach anatomy and contraceptive options and the mechanics of sexual intimacy and fetal development. But to put an adult with a title in a trusted classroom with a captive audience of impressionable kids and endorse and entice sexual promiscuity while telling them to lie to their parents is truly undermining the family.