Many parents in Alberta have children who have reacted negatively to sexuality education taught schools because of either how it was taught or something the instructor said or did, or that the parent wasn’t notified, or how it felt unsafe for them, etc.

This page contains stories of real people in Alberta who have been negatively impacted by experiences surrounding either the legislated changes of GSAs bypassing notification and consent of parents in Alberta schools or unprofessional liberties taken by instructors in human sexuality education that have hurt or confused children.

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Students Told to Lie To Parents

My 14 year old son’s 8th grade health class was being taught by a local health nurse about human sexuality. She brought lots of things with her to peak the kid’s interest. She brought a wooden penis and showed the kids how to put a condom on “Woody”. She brought lots of condoms and gave… Read more “Students Told to Lie To Parents”