Many parents in Alberta have children who have reacted negatively to sexuality education taught schools because of either how it was taught or something the instructor said or did, or that the parent wasn’t notified, or how it felt unsafe for them, etc. If you have a story you would like to share with the public and you feel it would help educate families, teachers and legislators, please fill out the form where we can share it on the “STORIES” page on

Also, if you have a story about how content at GSA or activity has negatively impacted your child or where you wish you had known what was happening and who your child was involved with, it may be interesting to share as well.

Lastly, if you have any other story that illustrates WHY parents must be informed, notified and consulted and how secrecy harms, that might also be worth sharing here on this site.

NOTE: Please do not use names of children, school names or people involved. We don’t need to know names.

All stories will be reviewed before they are published on the site, and not all stories will be published. Each story is reviewed by the administrator and will be posted in the form requested (either with a first name/city or no name at all).