The Alberta GSA Network, in conjunction with Camp firefly is promoting sexual activity to children. This is done by

  1. Showing minors pornography as “sexual education” at Camp fYrefly.
  2. Activities such as decorating condoms to get kids comfortable with handling them.
  3. Teaching them how to use sex toys and inviting guest presenters to instruct.
  4. Providing information with explicit sexual “how-to’s”.

Though some people may have very liberal views toward sexuality, it is not appropriate or legal to seek to expose any of these explicit practices and sex acts to the growing, impressionable young minds of children and adolescents – especially by those with educational influence, mentorship and authority. It is also inappropriate to be having discussions heavily entrenched in sexual content without the consent of a minor child’s parent or legal guardian.


The Facebook age is 13. Many minors were and continue to be linked to explicit sexual resources by “liking” the Camp fYrefly and GSAs Facebook pages and are at risk of receiving information that leads to hardcore porn sites in just a couple of clicks through these connections.

Please note: Camp fYrefly (including fYrefly In Schools) and GSAs are recommended by Alberta Education without a proper vetting process of the content of said clubs or camps or the individuals facilitating, as parental consent is bypassed. This is contrary to existing law that parents have the RIGHT to know.

These educational changes have been labelled by government and LGBTQ advocates as “progress” and much needed “culture change”. Yet, how can sexualizing children be considered progress? And who has the authority to change culture?

How can the Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services (ISMSS) be trusted after the content has been enough to warrant an investigation by the Edmonton City Police and RCMP?

The fact remains that the Ministry of Education still consults and employs ISMSS, even with their integrity being clearly compromised through the discovery of sexual resources they were distributing to minor children. Is this how you want your tax dollars spent?


Click on any of these files to learn how CSE is being implemented by Alberta’s Ministry of Education with the help of the following:


It’s important to be aware that the distribution of sexual material, information, hormones, contraceptives, packing/binding underwear, and sexual counselling is done with government legislated secrecy, without parental notification and consent, through these links.

Teachers in school MUST remain in a position where they can use their professional judgment and notify parents when they feel that a child is in danger and uphold the standards placed upon them by the Guide for Education. This is now contradicted with the changes to the School Act through Bill 24.

“The school plays a supportive role to parents in the areas of values and moral development and shall handle parental decisions in regard to controversial issues with respect and sensitivity.” Guide For Education, page 86-87. 

“A supportive role.” They are not the parents. Parents and legally appointed guardians have a RIGHT to know WHAT and WHO their children are involved with.

Given that sexual abuse occurs and that there are many children with special needs,  and the content of these clubs being highly sexualized and student-led, has left out parental input for safety. In an effort to create “safe spaces”, very “unsafe spaces” have been created instead.

Source: Sexual Assault by Teachers and School Employees in Canada


Regardless of a child’s sexual orientation, or what they could be struggling with, unless there is a reasonable, court determined threat being posed to a child by parents/legal guardians, by law they are to be consulted and notified. Bill 24 is in direct contradiction to these laws.

Also note, that Bill 24 applies to ages 5-17. Kindergarten to grade 12. There is a vast difference in maturity, decision-making capabilities, cognitive and psychological development and special needs at age 5 verses age 17. Parents and guardians know their children best and are in the best position to judge when their children are ready to be taught these personal, private matters. This is not the mandate of Alberta Education. Alberta School Act Preamble states:


Lastly, with such frequent newsworthy reports of sexual abuse cases in Alberta of teacher/student and coach/athlete, it is questionable why the Alberta Government would not want to put every precaution in place, as a preventative, to protect children. Instead, the government has passed laws that leave the door wide open for sexual abuse. Will adult mentors who are involved eventually find themselves under criminal investigation for something they thought they were “supposed to do” for youth, as per instruction by ISMSS, with the government’s endorsement?

It is imperative that the risk of sexual abuse is discussed.