Alberta GSA Network

The Alberta GSA Network (Gay Straight Alliance Network) is a network connection system for LGBTQ youth and allies where they can find and join GSA clubs in the province. It is run by Kristopher Wells and Andre Grace of ISMSS. Kristopher Wells states that he is the “driving force” behind the GSA Network in his Linked-in biography below:

Alberta Education links to the Alberta GSA Network and recommends it through the Alberta Teacher’s Association as a resource for gender minority youth to find and/or start a GSA.

In March, 2017, the Alberta GSA Network had listed in their community resources tab on their website, many links to websites and Facebook pages that posted and supplied graphic sexual content. Pornography was accessible to children in 2 clicks through a government funded program.

How can the Alberta GSA Network still be linked to Alberta Education a year later even after the sexual resources were discovered and after a criminal investigation of those responsible? 18 of 66 links being graphic sexual material is no mere oversight.


Learn more about how the government funded Alberta GSA Network directed sexual resources directing K-12 children.

No apology was ever issued on behalf of ISMSS or Alberta Education, and no efforts made to change the direction in schools. In fact, to the contrary. Bill 24 amped up the usurping of parental knowledge, and now even prevents teachers from informing parents if there are concerns regarding a particular child.

Read the “Sexually graphic material to kids in Alberta schools timeline.

Learn HERE about Alberta Education’s protocol for starting a GSA.

How can the Alberta Government continue to consult and employ ISMSS (through public funding/our tax dollars) when they have continually failed to demonstrate that they can involve trustworthy individuals to have influence over our children through their “safe schools” programming?

How is it safe for children when parents are not allowed to know WHO is counselling their child on sexual matters or WHAT is being taught, due to legislation that precludes them? Regardless of background checks of GSA liaisons, current legislation in place states that parents have a RIGHT to know “to make informed decisions respecting the education of their children” and “are entitled to be informed of and consulted about and to make all significant decisions affecting the child“.

How “SAFE” can the “safe schools” initiative be when the government hires individuals who, in turn, direct children to highly sexual content through adult pages such as Fruit Loop, I Dig Your Girlfriend, Edmonton Men’s Health Collective, MacEwan Sexual Health Club, InQueeries, etc and continue to cross post through ISMSS’s Camp fYrefly (advertised faithfully in all GSAs).

Some would argue that these sites are available for any curious youth who goes looking. However, isn’t it true that the Alberta Ministry of Education holds a position of sacred public trust and is responsible for monitoring, vetting, and hiring individuals who can also honour that sacred trust and also honour parents?

Shouldn’t Alberta education be protecting children FROM graphic sexual  content rather than directing them TO it?