The goal of this website is to educate the public on what no one wants to believe: The sexualization of our children through Alberta schools. 

How did it get this far you ask?

Changes through legislation. The government has incorrectly usurped the responsibility of moral shaping through sexual ideological education, K-12.

These changes have come with little to no public input, are unconstitutional as they ignore parental rights and freedom of religion, and place minor children in danger. How? Because they have created a vacuum through poorly written legislation, encouraging secrecy, where sexual abuse can thrive.

Currently this is most apparent in Gay Straight Alliances (GSAs), government endorsed clubs formed in schools, however, changes in curriculum to adopt new gender diverse language and discussion, as well as new sexual health curriculum is also concerning because of the liberties taken and people the government is using to do it.

With threats to school boards to comply by rewriting policy, this removes school autonomy and balance for those who frankly disagree that their children should be taught such explicit sexual content or that it improves their sexual health in any way. Our government has left out vital discussion and ignored legitimate concerns.

With Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) included in the new curriculum re-write and very much a part of Gay Straight Alliance content and activity, parents MUST remain in a position of authority for their children’s safety.

(This site touches on how CSE is already being implemented in GSAs. Discussion regarding legislation and policy changes to make room for changes in sexual health instruction for children can be viewed at the bottom of this page.)


Please take a moment to view this short video about Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) to gain an understanding about the explicit nature of this education and how it is being included in curriculum and Gay Straight Alliance clubs (GSAs). This is far beyond basic sexuality education and biology.

A longer, more in-depth version of this video is available HERE. We recommend watching it in its entirety (but not around your children, as it deals with mature subject matter).

The changes in the entire curriculum include a large focus on gender diversity, gender expression, social justice and culture change, required by all students, regardless of age, experiences, maturity, beliefs, special needs, to learn and be tested on. As changes are being made, sexual resources are already being distributed to youth through the Alberta GSA Network and their satellite associations, making sexual material readily accessible without parental notification and consent, due to the exclusion of parents through Bill 24.

With parental rights usurped, secrecy prevailing, and teachers restrained from using their professional judgment, one may ask WHAT IS THE GOVERNMENT OF ALBERTA REALLY DOING TO PROTECT CHILDREN?

CSE is NOT medically accurate information. See Dr. Miriam Grossman, MD’s dissemination of CSE in Ontario. If one of the goals of GSAs is to get LGBTQ youth correct sexuality education, then wouldn’t it be important for Alberta Education to ensure the sources of information are medically correct and safe?

2 minute intro:


Full version:

Are the new changes in Alberta education about safety or sexualization?

You decide.






From page 776 & 777 of the Alberta Hansard Transcripts (December 2, 2015) regarding SEXUAL HEALTH EDUCATION IN SCHOOLS:
Ms Jansen: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Yesterday we saw a historic moment in this Legislature with the vote on Bill 7. I felt particularly compelled by the conversation around educating people about LGBTQ identities. An excellent place to include this is with comprehensive sexual health education. Comprehensive sexual health education is an important tool for Alberta students and an important tool in helping to create an inclusive atmosphere in our schools. To the Minister of Education: can you tell me how you plan to make sure these issues are included in the curriculum?
The Speaker: The hon. Minister of Education.
Mr. Eggen: Thank you, Mr. Speaker, and thank you very much for the question. Certainly, we know that sexual consent is the law, and we need to reflect that in our curriculum throughout K to 12 and beyond. It’s very important, for example, when we have these LGBTQ issues and GSAs, to not just impose laws from above, from Edmonton, but to have it permeate through the education system because that’s, after all, the way people internalize values and the way that they act on them and are responsible for them as well. You can make laws, but unless people actually have it in their hearts, then they’re not very meaningful at all.
The Speaker: First supplemental.
Ms Jansen: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Again, education and dialogue are the key to understanding. Given that as elected officials we should be aiming to enhance the conversation with actual consultation, will the Minister of Education commit to bringing this issue to the Families and Communities Committee to allow all parties to work with interested people and groups to develop a policy that can be embraced by every school board in the province?
The Speaker: The Minister of Education.
Mr. Eggen: Thanks, Mr. Speaker, and thanks for the question. Certainly, I think it’s important that we use all avenues available. As I said before, it’s an educative moment not just for our children and parents but for all of us as well. The debate that we had on the Human Rights Act over the last few days I think was an edifying and educative moment for all of us and for the general public as well. I’m very interested in speaking to the Families and Communities Committee to see if they are able and willing to help me on this because, quite frankly, it’s a very big effort, but the results and the gravity of the situation are just as large.
The Speaker: Second supplemental.
Ms Jansen: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Again to the Education minister. I know there are certain people who worry about the risks of legislating social policy in Alberta, but if we’re going to work on these issues and be effective, we need to do just that. Can the minister assure the House that there will be real consultation on comprehensive sexual health education that would be available to all Alberta students?
The Speaker: The Minister of Education.
Mr. Eggen: Yes. Thanks, Mr. Speaker. I know that, certainly, the MLA asking is very involved in working with these issues. As I said before, I need all hands on deck to ensure that we do have a comprehensive sexual health education program embedded into the curriculum and then also infused throughout all of the things that we do here through the Legislature. Certainly, I am interested in working through this. It’ll be a process that involves moving ideas along a little bit, perhaps bumping up against some established values, but at the end it’s worth it for our children.